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中石油驻苏丹      The oil in Sudan
中石油中石化苏丹战争      In the oil, sinopec Sudan war
中石油中石化苏丹      Petrochina, sinopec, Sudan
中石油支持苏丹      Petrochina support for Sudan
中石油在苏丹业务      In the oil business in Sudan
中石油在苏丹投资现状      Oil investments in Sudan in the status quo
中石油在苏丹投资是否打水漂了      In the oil investments in Sudan is treading water
中石油在苏丹开采石油      In oil drilling for oil in Sudan
中石油在苏丹的投资模式      Oil investments in Sudan in the model
中石油在苏丹的基地      In the base of oil in Sudan
中石油在苏丹的份额      The share of oil in Sudan
中石油在苏丹待遇      In the treatment of oil in Sudan
中石油在苏丹利比亚等非洲和西      Oil in Sudan, Libya, etc and west Africa
中石油在苏丹      The oil in Sudan
中石油在北苏丹状况      Oil in the north
中石油与中石化的苏丹      Petrochina and sinopec in Sudan
中石油与苏丹政府协议      In agreement with the government of Sudan oil
中石油项目部在苏丹有哪些      What are the oil projects in Sudan
中石油苏丹之路的回顾和反思      Review and reflection of the road of oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹赵东      Find translation oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹招聘      Oil in Sudan recruitment
中石油苏丹员工      Oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹油田      Sudan oilfield of CNPC
中石油苏丹杨      Yang oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹项目组领到      Oil in Sudan to project group
中石油苏丹项目招聘      Oil in Sudan project recruitment
中石油苏丹项目经理      Oil in Sudan project manager
中石油苏丹项目姜文      Jiang wen oil in Sudan project
中石油苏丹项目负责人      Oil in Sudan project director
中石油苏丹项目部      Oil in Sudan project department
中石油苏丹项目被誉为      Oil in Sudan has been hailed as a project
中石油苏丹项目      Oil in Sudan project
中石油苏丹王磊      Wang lei oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹王杰      Wangjie oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹外派      Oil in Sudan abroad
中石油苏丹外交      In Sudan's oil diplomacy
中石油苏丹投资遇到的问题      Oil in Sudan investment problems
中石油苏丹投资表      Oil in Sudan investment table
中石油苏丹石油项目工程      Oil in Sudan's oil project
中石油苏丹石油项目      Oil in Sudan's oil project
中石油苏丹石油管线      Oil in Sudan's oil pipeline
中石油苏丹炼油厂厂长      In Sudan's oil refinery factory director
中石油苏丹炼油厂      In Sudan's oil refinery
中石油苏丹苦      Oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹聚丙烯项目部      Oil in Sudan polypropylene project department
中石油苏丹紧急预案      Oil in Sudan emergency
中石油苏丹回忆      Oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹管线破坏      In Sudan's oil pipeline damage
中石油苏丹工厂      In Sudan's oil factory
中石油苏丹分公司      Oil in Sudan branch
中石油苏丹待遇      Treatment of oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹大事记      Oil in Sudan memorabilia
中石油苏丹达尔富尔      Oil in Sudan's darfur
中石油苏丹班子      Oil in Sudan
中石油苏丹37区      Oil in Sudan 37 area
中石油苏丹      Oil in Sudan
中石油瑞飞苏丹办事处      Petrochina fly Sudan's office
中石油去苏丹工资      Petrochina wages to Sudan
中石油去苏丹的待遇      Petrochina to Sudan
中石油能源投资苏丹      Oil energy investments in Sudan
中石油利苏丹      Oil in Sudan
中石油兰州石化苏丹      Petrochina lanzhou petrochemical Sudan
中石油进入苏丹模式      Petrochina into Sudan mode
中石油和中石化在苏丹      Petrochina and sinopec in Sudan
中石油的腐败问题与苏丹      Petrochina's corruption and Sudan
中石油北苏丹练油厂      Petrochina north Sudan is researched
中石油北苏丹      Petrochina north Sudan
中石油vs中石化苏丹      Vs petrochina on Sudan
中石苏丹翻译      Sinopec Sudan translation
中石化中石油在苏丹      Sinopec oil in Sudan
中石化中石油苏丹      Sinopec oil in Sudan
中石化在苏丹项目      Sinopec project in Sudan
中石化在苏丹2017      Sinopec in Sudan in 2017
中石化在苏丹      Sinopec in Sudan
中石化与中石油在苏丹      Sinopec and petrochina in Sudan
中石化苏丹工程      Sinopec engineering Sudan
中石化苏丹分公司怎么样      Sinopec Sudan branch
中石化苏丹分公司      Sinopec Sudan branch
中石化苏丹      Sinopec Sudan
中石化南北苏丹      Sinopec, the north and south Sudan
中山郑苏丹      Zhongshan Zheng Sudan
中山完美苏丹      Zhongshan perfect Sudan
中山六院苏丹      Zhongshan Sudan six yuan
中山大学六院苏丹      Sun yat-sen university Sudan six yuan
中欧基金郑苏丹      Central fund Zheng Sudan
中南大学苏丹      Central south university of Sudan
中南财经政法财管12苏丹      Zhongnan financial money tube 12 Sudan of politics and law
中交在苏丹项目      In the project in Sudan
中建材集团苏丹办事处      Office building material group in Sudan
中技开空难苏丹      Sudan or open the disaster
中机建设苏丹项目      Machine in the construction project of Sudan
中回人到苏丹能受了吗      Back to the people in the can to Sudan
中化重机公司苏丹项目      Sinochem juki company Sudan project
中华人民共和国驻苏丹使馆经商处      Embassy in Sudan business department of the People's Republic of China
中华人民共和国驻苏丹共和国大使馆      The People's Republic of China embassy in the republic of Sudan
中华人民共和国驻苏丹大使馆      The People's Republic of China embassy in Sudan
中华人民共和国驻苏丹      The People's Republic of China in Sudan
中华人民共和国驻北苏丹大使馆      The People's Republic of China embassy in the north
中华人民共和国驻阿曼苏丹国大使馆经济商务参赞处      The commercial counsellor's law of the People's Republic of China embassy in sultanate of Oman
中华人民共和国驻阿曼苏丹国大使馆      The People's Republic of China embassy in sultanate of Oman
中和苏丹能源合作      Energy cooperation and Sudan
中航国际与苏丹      Catic international with Sudan
中行苏丹美金不能入账吗      The bank of China $Sudan cannot enter an item in an account
中行可以收苏丹的款吗      The bank of China can accept Sudan's money
中行可以换苏丹磅吗      The bank of China can change Sudanese pounds
中行不能收苏丹的收汇么      The bank of China can't accept Sudan of proceeds
中海油苏丹      Cnooc Sudan
中海苏丹分公司      China shipping Sudan branch
中国钻井队苏丹      Chinese drill crew Sudan
中国字苏丹有什么银行      What is the bank of Chinese characters in Sudan
中国祝苏丹步兵营      China to Sudan infantry battalion
中国驻苏丹种菜大队      China's ambassador to Sudan vegetables brigade
中国驻苏丹维和部队最新人名      China's ambassador to Sudan peacekeeping force new names
中国驻苏丹维和部队简介      Introduction to the Chinese peacekeepers in Sudan
中国驻苏丹维和部队      China's ambassador to Sudan peacekeeping troops
中国驻苏丹维和步兵营      China's ambassador to Sudan peacekeeping infantry battalion
中国驻苏丹维和步兵      China's ambassador to Sudan peacekeeping infantry
中国驻苏丹使馆经商处      The Chinese embassy in Sudan business department
中国驻苏丹使馆经参处      The Chinese embassy in Sudan via in refs
中国驻苏丹使馆      The Chinese embassy in Sudan
中国驻苏丹商务参赞处      China's ambassador to Sudan commercial counsellor
中国驻苏丹领事馆      The Chinese consulate in Sudan
中国驻苏丹历任大使      China's ambassador to Sudan successively
中国驻苏丹经商处      China's ambassador to Sudan business offices
中国驻苏丹经济商务参赞处      China's ambassador to the commercial counsellor's Sudan
中国驻苏丹经济参赞处      China's ambassador to Sudan economic counsellor
中国驻苏丹经济参赞      China's ambassador to Sudan, economic counsellor
中国驻苏丹共和国大使馆      The Chinese embassy in the republic of Sudan
中国驻苏丹大事      China's ambassador to Sudan event
中国驻苏丹大使名字      China's ambassador to Sudan's name
中国驻苏丹大使馆武官      The Chinese embassy in Sudan attaches
中国驻苏丹大使馆签证中心      The Chinese embassy in Sudan visa center
中国驻苏丹大使馆签证处      China's ambassador to Sudan embassy visa office
中国驻苏丹大使馆南南      The Chinese embassy in Sudan south
中国驻苏丹大使馆客服电话      The Chinese embassy in Sudan customer service telephone
中国驻苏丹大使馆客服      The Chinese embassy in Sudan customer service
中国驻苏丹大使馆官网      The Chinese embassy in Sudan's official website
中国驻苏丹大使馆官方客服电话      The Chinese embassy in Sudan official customer service telephone
中国驻苏丹大使馆官方客服      The Chinese embassy in Sudan official customer service
中国驻苏丹大使馆电话      The Chinese embassy in Sudan
中国驻苏丹大使馆地址与联系电话      The Chinese embassy in Sudan address and contact phone number
中国驻苏丹大使馆qq      The Chinese embassy in Sudan qq
中国驻苏丹大使馆      The Chinese embassy in Sudan
中国驻苏丹大使      China's ambassador to Sudan
中国驻苏丹部队受袭      China's ambassador to Sudan forces attacked
中国驻苏丹步兵营      China's ambassador to Sudan infantry battalion
中国驻苏丹      China's ambassador to Sudan
中国驻面苏丹大使馆      The Chinese embassy in surface of Sudan
中国驻军苏丹      The Chinese garrison Sudan
中国驻北苏丹维和部队      China's ambassador to north Sudan peacekeeping troops
中国驻北苏丹使馆      The Chinese embassy in the north
中国驻北苏丹大使馆      The Chinese embassy in the north
中国驻阿曼苏丹国大使馆      The Chinese embassy in sultanate of Oman
中国驻阿曼苏丹国      China's ambassador to the sultanate of Oman
中国住苏丹维和部队      Chinese living in Sudan peacekeeping forces
中国主持人田伟对苏丹总统助理纳菲啊的采访      Chinese host Tian Wei the interview with the Sudanese President assistant to Philippines ah
中国主持人对苏丹总统助理的采访      China host the interview with the Sudanese President assistant
中国至苏丹航线      Routes from China to Sudan
中国殖民苏丹      China's colonial Sudan
中国支援苏丹医疗队      China's support of Sudan medical team
中国支援苏丹内战      China's support of Sudan's civil war
中国支持苏丹正苦      China supports Sudan is bitter
中国支持苏丹吗      China's support for Sudan
中国支持苏丹      China supports Sudan
中国支持南北苏丹      China supports the north and south Sudan
中国支持哪个苏丹      China supports which Sudan
中国支持北苏丹      China supports the north
中国增兵苏丹      China's surge in Sudan
中国在苏丹修的什么铁路      China railway built in Sudan
中国在苏丹问题上      China in Sudan
中国在苏丹问题      China's problems in Sudan
中国在苏丹投资多少亿美元      How many dollars China investments in Sudan
中国在苏丹投资      China's investment in Sudan
中国在苏丹水利项目      China's water conservancy project in Sudan
中国在苏丹石油开采      China's oil in Sudan
中国在苏丹石油份额      China's share in Sudan's oil
中国在苏丹农业投资      China's agricultural investment in Sudan
中国在苏丹哪里造核电站      China to build nuclear power plants in Sudan
中国在苏丹开采石油      China's oil in Sudan
中国在苏丹巨大      China's huge in Sudan
中国在苏丹还有企业      In Sudan and enterprises in China
中国在苏丹电建项目      China in turbine project in Sudan
中国在苏丹的油田的具体位置      The location of the China's oil field in Sudan
中国在苏丹的影响力      China's influence in Sudan
中国在苏丹的银行      China's Banks in Sudan
中国在苏丹的项目      China's project in Sudan
中国在苏丹的维和行动      China's peacekeeping operations in Sudan
中国在苏丹的维和部队      China's peacekeeping troops in Sudan
中国在苏丹的投资      China's investment in Sudan
中国在苏丹的铁路项目      China's railway projects in Sudan
中国在苏丹的石油投资      China's oil investments in Sudan
中国在苏丹的上市企业      China's listed companies in Sudan
中国在苏丹的企业      China's enterprises in Sudan
中国在苏丹的利益      China's interests in Sudan
中国在苏丹的具体项目      China's specific projects in Sudan
中国在苏丹的建筑项目      China's construction projects in Sudan
中国在苏丹的公司      China's company in Sudan
中国在苏丹的大坝项目      China's dam project in Sudan
中国在苏丹      China in Sudan
中国在北苏丹有没有维和部队      China in the north have the peacekeepers